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535 Keyser Rondo

Our old house in Camarillo. If you like, you can download the 3D model of this house.

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.


Get rid of the water, but not the children

Front Garden Beds

Raised beds in the front yard

Garage Windows

windows for the garage


Side Yard photos, mostly the Gazebo


Shelves in the bedroom closet

Prayer Closet

I turned the hall closet into a tiny prayer room

A backyard workshop

well suited for the Southern California climate.

A crazy custom bookshelf

that I made for our house.

Built In Floating Shelves

Fancy floating shelving over the fireplace


Keyser Rooms, floorplan

Keyser Rooms Improvements floorplan. None of these alterations were actually made except for the big door on the right.

Housewarming Party Invitation

We wanted a big door to the side yard, so this is the framing in preperation for the door.

Here is the newly Installed Trifold Door

The Trim I did for the garage windows turned out so well that I did a similar job on the trifold doors.

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