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Bedroom Shelves

The bedroom closet in the master bedroom has a little corner which wasn't particularly usable, so I made these shelves to go there!

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

Here are all the shelves installed, with the Stained Glass Lantern for a bit of color.

The shelves just rest on these little blocks. Easy to make, easy to install, and unobstructive if you want to remove the shelves temporarily.

I didn't have the patience to clamp each shelf together individually, so the whole set was stacked and clamped as a unit. As you can see, there are gaps. Didn't have too much squeeze-out, so the shelves didn't stick together at least! I wouldn't make any wagers on the strength of these joints, but they held up to the finish cuts, so that's good enough for now.

Not the best finish, but good enough for a first try at furniture carpentry.

The space for the shelves is 26" wide, but the plywood only comes in 24" wide or 48" wide. So I came up with this design which uses 1x2 strips on the sides and back, and 3/4" square hardwood on the front. But, of course, the hardwood comes in 1' increments as well, so I bought a piece of walnut and improvised a design around it.

Each black walnut center point is offset for, artistic charm?

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