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Send me $1 and your concept, and I'll get you a quote.

Commission 3D Modeling

Hi, I'm Paul Spooner, a low-poly 3D modeling specialist.
I turn your ideas into minimal 3D models ready for games, 3D printing, and papercraft. Read my reviews from former clients, watch my animations to spark your imagination, browse and download my free 3d models or buy 3D prints, and review my estimated prices to see how it will fit your budget.



Public Spaces





3D Characters


Clothing and Accessories


Low-Poly Modeling

3D Print Compatible

3D Printing

Character Miniatures

Model Conversion




Interior/ Exterior


Spaceships/ Technology

Fantasy Buildings
Procedural Modeling

Product Visualization

Graphics and logos


Pricing Guide

My prices are tuned to your project. All work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied; I don’t get paid.
Ok, real objects are expensive too.
$100 for repairs and alterations
$200 for new artifacts.
Human characters are the most difficult
$100 for alterations to existing character models
$500 and up for new character models. Lower prices for non-humans and low-poly characters.
Cheat-free 3D design. No textures, no effects, just geometry. Starting at $60. Perfect for 3D printing, custom jewelry, or Pepakura paper-craft!
Architectural pre-vis with the right balance of detail and abstraction.
Got an out-there idea? Maybe we'll work on it for fun!

I also offer engineering and design support.
If what you need is more technically involved, peruse my engineering skills.
I am a licensed Mechanical Professional Engineer in the state of California.

Listed prices are approximate minimums. Pricing contingent on reference, and complexity. Default schedule is 1 week per $200, with expediting available.

All projects include:

source files
progress renders
simple animations
format conversion

Like anything you saw? Send me $1 and your concept, and I'll get you a quote. I'm charging now because I was getting too many nonsense requests when I offered free quotes.

Yes, I'm still taking commissions, this page was last updated 2021-01-14.

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