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Miscellaneous CG Images

Here are a few pictures that I made, but aren't particularly good, or don't really fit with the rest of the gallery.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

This is a picture I made for a computer programming project that one of my friends was working on. It is unusually cutesy, but I was surprised at how easy the style was to capture. I kind of like it... very bright and happy, though the contrast in the shadows is prhaps a bit too high.

This is part of the previous project, one of my initial concepts. It wasn't deemed appropriate for use in the school-child targeted project, but I liked it more, so my friend put it in as an easter egg. I also used a snip of this for my Steam account profile image, so it didn't go entirely to waste.

Loaded with treasures the dwarves have no doubt been delving for with inexcusable avarice at inadvisable depths, this tunnel was the work of, oh, about six hours. I've been itching to do a load of ingots for a while now, and here they are! There is a bit of mechanical stuff in the dark corner, but I wasn't particularly happy with how it turned out, so I just left it in shadow.

A closeup on the Dwarf Tunnel Coins on the left of the above image. I had a lot of fun writing all the Dwarven notes.

This mountaintop desert castle is surprisingly realistic in terms of defensibility.

Here's another angle on the finished castle model.

You can also view and download the model from Sketchfab

Mountaintop Desert Castle by dudecon on Sketchfab

This is the concept art whose origin has been lost. I think I found it on DeviantArt.

Was playing around with curved masonry again. The spiral stairs by themselves weren't very interesting, so I added some water and hard water buildup. Still not particularly interesting, but there you go.

Mfg Rbt

Designed to reflect light of all kinds, this mirrored film satellite is lightweight, cheap to build, and low maintenance. The three point tension film produces a flat surface. The control section sports three direct drive gyros for reactionless attitude control.
This satellite can be used to reflect sunlight for power generation, illumination, or for shading other objects. Other applications include laser cornering, telescope clouds, and solar furnace arrays. The design is scalable, though larger units will be more difficult to steer, and will tend to warp under light pressure.

It's a big spaceship... not as cool as some. This one was inspired by a moth. I looked at the moth and thought, "That moth would make a cool spaceship!" but then I got lazy.

A passion flower... modeled and textured in a couple of hours.

Passion Flower by dudecon on Sketchfab

A tesselating space-filling Quad Spiral curve. Inspired by this video, I do my own space-filling spiral design. Download the quad spiral source file and play with it, or make your own!

Thunt, the author of the webcomic Goblins, posted the red glowy magic parts from this panel on the Goblins forum, challenging the community to do something fun with it.
I've been unable to find the original thread (perhaps subsumed by net-rot), but here's my contribution.

I made this model as a prop for a joke. Based off the Fabarm SDASS tactical shotgun.

Pump-action Shotgun by dudecon on Sketchfab

Sleep Modules, inspired by listening to a "Paranoia" role-playing session.

A "caution ninjas" sign based on the design of a "wet floor" sign. You can never be too careful when Ninjas are around!

I had an idea kicking around in my mind for a while. It didn't really look like this, but this is how it turned out. I think I may start over later, but this turned out okay in the meantime.
It feels like something is missing, like it's not quite complete yet. Probably the lack of details. The original concept was more of a feeling than a picture anyway. Something about investigating an inscrutible alien artifact in an inhuman environment.

Here is Midjourney's interperetation of the above image. As usual, it is missing the finnesse of the sphere split in two, the channels, and the investigation equipment.

I can't see a solid ice frying pan being very useful. Thankfully it has a stainless steel handle. Perhaps it could be used for beating whoever invented it.
Created for the weekend challenge with the focus of "useless".

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