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Power Ranger Helmets

A commission work for a customer who wanted a high quality White Ranger helmet for a suit. He provided lots and LOTS of reference pictures, and I provided the model. Below are the results.
This site is in no way associated with Saban Entertainment, BVS Entertainment, or SCG Power Rangers LLC. The Power Rangers and their appearance are not "my idea".

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

White Ranger Helmet final geometry

I like to send clients preview geometry as I make progress with the model. Here's what that looks like. Because this design has a strong two-level theme, with the shapes essentially cut-out from the form, I modeled the cutouts first and solidified the whole thing to get a consistent and uniform thickness.

White Ranger Helmet Build. 3D printed helmet build which looks nearly finished.

Green Ranger helmet final geometry. The same client later commissioned a Green Ranger helmet 3D model. Same idea, though the molded-on lips are a little strange.

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