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Tetrahedral Planetoid by M.C. Escher 3D Model

I created original designs for the far two sides. You can purchase a 3D print at Shapeways to see the full model.

These are some sequential images from my project to make a 3d model based directly from the picture "Tetrahedral Planetoid" by M.C. Escher. It took a long time, so I hope you enjoy the results as much as I have.

The process of creating the geometry was much more grueling than I anticipated. Getting all of the odd faces to match up, while maintaining the beautiful regularity of the model has proven extremely challenging. Even thinking about modeling some of the shapes has taken a while, and I have yet to develop a consistent mode of thought which can adequately address all of the issues I've encountered. I encourage anyone wishing to stretch their spacial perception and 3d modeling skills to tackle this simple yet elusive object.

If you'd like to download the model, here is the Blender file, complete with five previous revisions of the model. Choose between .7z (1.3MB) and .zip (4.2MB)
Tetrahedral Planetoid 3D model, Blender format, 7z archive
Tetrahedral Planetoid 3D model, Blender format, zip archive

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

Tetrahedral Planetoid by dudecon on Sketchfab

Finished Views 2010-08-05

Tetrahedral Planetoid Double view, showing a more face-on angle of both faces.

Tetrahedral Planetoid Finished version with plants

Tetrahedral Planetoid left face focus, the one with the Palm Tree

Tetrahedral Planetoid right face focus, the one with the Pagoda

WIP Views 2010

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP Finished but for foliage

WIP Views 2009

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP Almost done with buildings

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP Boats and towers

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP Both side spires roughed out

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP

Tetrahedral Planetoid WIP

WIP Views 2007

First render, quite incomplete, from 2007-03-04.

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