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Hewn Bridge

I smoothed the top surface of this log using an axe and hatchet. Makes a pretty decent walking surface! Currently eases passage between our house to that of our neighbors.

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

Bridge End View. Carved from solid pine. This tree was growing on our property, until we cut it down. Then it lay on the ground for a while, until I carved the top flat... I suspect it will continue to lie on the ground for years to come.

Bridge Overview. The whole bridge. Not that impressive, really, when you look at it like that.

Pine Log Bridge over a little creek bed kind of thing.

The tools I used to make the bridge. Or, carve the bridge? I mean, it's really more of a log with a flat top than a bridge.

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