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6418 Berkshire Home Improvement

Our house at 6418 Berkshire Drive, which we sold in the fall of 2017.
Though this is labeled "improvement" the alterations may only be improvements when viewed from our perspective. Regardless, we liked the changes.
You can download the 6418 house model here.

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.


Hat Stand

A hat stand made from the crown of a pine tree

Hewn Bridge

A "bridge" carved from a pine log


Photos of the house when we rented it out.


An unusually deep sandbox to assuage my projected childhood insecurities


A place to hang pots in my kitchen that I suspect only an engineer would have similarly over-complicated


A tree fort that I built in the back yard


Pan Hanger in our kitchen. I made a detailed photo journal of the project.

Since I probably should have done this in the first place, here is the pot hanger with brass s-hooks instead of the custom welded stainless t-hooks.

Kitchen Panorama, where I installed under-cabinet LED lights.

Secret Tunnel. Our house has a utility room in the middle of the basement. This is nice for keeping the various pumps and heaters seperate from the living space, but unfortunate in that it cuts the basement roughly in half. We "fixed" this problem by cutting some holes in the walls. The tunnel is roughly defined by the 2x4 frames that we put up, with a plywood "roof" tall enough for an adult to sit, or a child to stand. Teddy sees nothing remarkable about this.

Secret Tunnel. Eventually we'd like to finish the openings with some cabinet doors or something, but for now they are simple holes cut in the drywall.

Light pours from the portal.

Front Sign. The street address labeling is crappy on our street, so I made a sign for our house so that people can find it when they come over.

Front Walk. We used to have to either walk around the front lawn, or tromp through it to get to the mail each day. Now there's this beautiful path!

Front Walk. Anna dug the channel for the path by hand. Did a really nice job too!

Garage Gutters. The gutters all empty into a closed pipe which carries the rainwater to the rain barrel.

Garage Gutters. A solid half of the garage roof runoff is collected and directed into a rain barrel (on the right).

I installed LED lighting in the living room. They are RGB, so the lighting can be of any color. However, because of the sharp spectral lines, some colors appeared very differently under that lighting.

Piano in the livingroom. It may have actual ivory key surfaces.

Berkshire Upstairs floorplan. Grid is in meters.

Berkshire Downstairs, basement floorplan. Grid is in meters.

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