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If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

I want to be a real boy! Yep, that just about says it all...
This was a character from a GURPS campaign we did one night. He was a plastic puppet who, pinochio-like, wanted to be a real boy. At least, that's what he kept saying. Between the shotgunning and the emphasis cursing we weren't quite so sure by the end. I'll have to do another image from that campaign some day. It was only a single session on new-year's eve, but man was it memorable. Shotgun sold seperately.

Something I whipped up this afternoon. It is a plastic toy character from one of our GURPS campaigns. His catchphrase is "I-wanna-be-a-real-boy" said in a squeeky voice while wielding a shotgun of course.

From an RP campaign with a friend. He uses nanotechnology. Despite being nominally a "doctor" his nanos tend to be used for primarily harmful ends. Seriously, this stuff is bad for you.

Iljel, an Ifrit Alchemist character I played in a friend's D&D campaign.

Ri'kernaewyn, a half-elf Oracle who a friend played in the aforementioned D&D campaign.

A planet I thought up for an rpg I'm DM-ing. The tidal lock has caused one side to continually face the sun, while the other side is exposed to frigid space. I ran some orbital and thermodynamics calcs, here are a few 'facts':

Mean orbital radius: 9.14 million Km
Year length: 5.32 earth days
Apparent solar size: 17.2 degrees (18 times earth standard)
Recieved radiation (max): 40.5 Kw/m^2
Planetary mean radius: 2140 Km
Maximum surface temperature: 1944 K (easily melts steel)
Minimum surface temperature: 9 k

Update: The "campaign" only lasted about three sessions, but we all had a blast. I was unable to kill anyone in a convincing way, so they escaped the planet, presumably to live long fulfilling lives before dying of old age. There were some tense moments though... Igniting the main fusion drive while buried under three kilometers of hydrogen ice comes to mind. Oh, and the trip to the earthquake wracked girdle zone. And when the remains of the crashed, revived, and crashed again colony vessel was subducted between kilometer long shards of grinding crystalline stone.

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