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Physical Artifact Projects

Here you can find documentation on projects and whims that require a lot of images to explain. Usually my small projects go in the gallery, but when a more coherent narrative is required, I put them here! Within you can find:

A crazy custom bookshelf
that I made for our house.

A backyard workshop
well suited for the Southern California climate.

Windows in my garage door
that I made so I could put some hard points in for lifting heavy things.

Some fantasy sketches
that I made, and figured I would share.

A custom pyx
I designed and assembled.

A hardscape project
at my childhood home.

An unusually deep sandbox
to assuage my projected childhood insecurities.

A place to hang pots in my kitchen
that I suspect only an engineer would have similarly over-complicated.

A tree fort
that I built at our old house.

A ferrocement bridge
I made for my parents' new back yard.

The ferrocement mushroom
I made for my mother-in-law.

The ferrocement flower
I made with some help from my family. My first Ferro project, but certainly not the last!

The sledgehammer Technobane
, with pictures and documentation.

An ornamented drilling hammer
, The precursor to Technobane (above) and the Septacrypt.

A Flaming Pumpkin!
It's a little pumpkin, with a lot of lighter fluid.

A Sweet Fishtank!
It has tubes and buckets and computers and even some fish!

Miscellanious Photojournals

Not everything is physical, or an artifact, or a project even...

Some World of Warcraft explorations
, before I knew that Blizzard didn't approve of this kind of thing.

Scripts I've written for Minecraft
, and the story, with some pictures of the results.

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