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Paul Spooner's Photos


A few photos from my job

Seattle Trip 2008

When I worked intensely on Project London with Ian Hubert

Booher Music Camp 2005

A bunch of photos from music camp

David Moore's wedding

I took my girlfriend, and then we broke up


Carrying three kids at once on the trail from the Big Four Ice Caves in Washington State

2016 Halloween family costumes. Photographed from the couch at Via Presidio.

Tree Through The Window in the Spring at Berkshire Drive.

Charlette sleeping under a chair


Dew Grass

Me as a child, about 2 years old

From The Couch, also at Berkshire Drive.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2005

A Snarling Pumpkin I carved in 2005 and hung outside some apartment on campus.

Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Kevin waving his arms around

2002-08-07 My sister and I set off into the great unknown... Zion National Park

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