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Via Presidio Shelves

Custom shelving in the upstairs room. This was our living room when we were renting from my brother, and we wanted to put in some shelves. So we did!

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

Built-in shelves with a rope support. I wanted the shelves to be as elegant and well-fit as possible, so instead of putting gussets in, I hung the front corner from a rope.

Shelf Anchor Screws, To keep the shelves from moving. Since they aren't captured along the other edge, I put a few screws in to keep the shelves in place.

Shelf Hanger rod clamp to hold up the shelf. Instead of tying a knot, which might slip and tighten over time, I used these shaft clamps to hold it up. Way easier to adjust as well, and much less hassle to take off if the rope requires replacement.

Shelf Support blocks. The shelves are a single sheet of plywood with a roman ogee routed along the front, and stained to match the other existing wood work. The brackets are the same material, but painted white.

3D Render of the overall design. I had planned a bunch of shelves in various configurations, but we only ended up building the set along the far wall.

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