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Stained Glass Lantern

I bought a stained glass lantern on E-bay and outfitted it with internal LED light strips. Provides lovely illumination. Positively uplifting.

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

Wireless Lantern, Powered by Ultracapacitor. Look at that! No wires! Should run like this for about a half hour.

Lantern Ultracaps. capacitor bank with boost convertor. 15 farad, 13.5v capacitor bank. I added the boost converter to scavenge the power down to 4.5v so the drain on the capacitors doesn't impact the LED brightness. This could also allow it to run on three 1.5v batteries, though I never tested it.

Lantern Ultracap Wiring. Ultracap boost board wiring. I could have ordered a PCB printed up with the wiring all built in... but instead I did this. Eventually the ultracaps gave up and I went back to battery or wall power.

Lantern Wall Power. For long-term illumination, I've got a wall-wart 12v power supply that powers the lantern.

Lantern Battery Power. Also runs on battery power, so you can carry it around like a real lantern. Also like a real lantern, it rather quickly runs out of juice on the "high" setting, but it runs for several hours on "low" just fine.

Lantern detail of the internal wiring. The whole thing is soldered in paralell. Way over-did the wire gauge, but it won't hurt anything. I think I should add some disable switches so I can put the lantern in low-power mode.

The Interior of the lantern. I slid the edge-emitting white LED strips in-between the panes, and tacked them in place with hot glue.

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