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Custom Computers

I've been building my own computers my whole life. Here's documentation of a Mini ITX setup that I'm particularly partial toward.

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

Backdoor Computer Guts. I didn't want to pay for a case that would just take up space, so I mounted the motherboard to the back of the monitor with some drywall screws.

Backdoor Computer. Despite the lack of a case, it looks fairly finished from the front. The table was later replaced with a custom computer table.

Laser engraved Itx computer case decoration

Laser engraved Itx computer case decoration. The capacitors and fuses don't do anything, but they do lend a rather "circuit" feel.

Itx Case Decoration. I designed all these decorations myself, custom to fit the woodwork.

I like to add a handle to these cases as well. The sheet metal is plenty strong, and it deters people from stacking stuff on the case.

Mad Catz R.A.T.1 mouse. This mouse was made to allow for 3D printing replacements for the palm rest, so I was able to download the geometry. I then used that as a basis for the palm rest you see here, printed in stainless steel.
It was still a bit light, so I made a sled from wood, hollowed it out, filled it with lead shot, and sealed over the whole thing with hot glue. Gives it a pleasant heft.

The new computer, all put together and running properly.

I decided to put the computer together outside the case, just to make sure all the components work. They did!

The computer all assembled, except for the case. Runs just fine!

Trapped beneath a fan, heatsink, and processor slab are all these little pins.

Mini Itx Graphics Card, with the fan running, 1/400 sec exposure

Mini Itx Graphics Card, with the fan running, 1/80 sec exposure

1 TB M.2 Hard Drive the size of a stick of gum. Amazing what technology can do these days.

Mini Itx Parts. Figured I'd take a picture of all these pieces before putting it together.

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