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Star Wars Sacul Starship

Back in October of 2007, I started working on a 3D model of a spaceship based off of floorplans made from bitmaps designed to be the headquarters for a Rogue Squadron Starwars fan-fiction group. The project was never really "finished" because there was never really a goal. It was mostly motivated from the sentiment that "Wouldn't it be cool to have a 3d model of this whole spaceship that we've been writing stories about?"

So, here are some renders showing how far I got. The project rather died off in 2010 when I started doing commissions, and I lost touch with the project organizer. Looks like there's still a render up on their plot wiki though.
This would not be the last time I modeled the interior of a spaceship.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

Sacul Exterior. While the floorplans were provided to me, I got to invent the exterior look. It was supposed to be covered in "stealth panels" that would allow it to go invisible, and which therefore needed to be able to cover all the windows.

Sacul Landing Gear deployed. I made sure that the landing gear both deployed and stowed correctly. IIRC there's not actually room for the landing gear inside the ship, so they are only shown when extended.

Crew quarters and bunks

This is a render of all five decks at once, with the ceilings and floors hidden. I put one of the floorplans in as an overlay so you can see the extents of the ship.

My favorite part of this project is how you can see through the windows. Here you can look into the mid-ship lounge, the rear conference room, and the cockpit all at the same time.

Sacul Cockpit. Control Panels, probably over-designed. You can see the ship systems and shield levels in the foreground. Vaguely inspired by the X-Wing videogames.

Sacul Cockpit. I think this is the secondary weapons and comms stations.

Looking aft along the mid-ships lounge and rec area.

Part of the rec room amidships, complete with a holo-chess board!

I really like how the chairs and couch turned out. This is looking fore, on the starboard side.

It's supposed to be a stealth ship, with guns that pop out, so I tried to model it that way. Mixed results, as with a lot of things on this project.

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