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Daft Punk Cufflinks

A client approached me asking for a pair of cufflinks resembling the Daft Punk helmets. These gold and silver cufflinks are what we came up with.
You can buy the parts and assemble them yourself. I suggest painting the plastic parts glossy black and then assembling them with hot-glue.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

Assembled Daft Punk Cufflinks. The cufflink visors weren't shiny and smooth enough with just a clear glossy spray coat, so I added a layer of epoxy, which seems to have done the trick.

3d rendering of the Daft Punk cufflinks. The "ear" geometry came out pretty well, but they are so small it's hard to see in the physical ones.

This Daft Punk cuff link was cast as a shell in brass and gold plated. Total weight of 5.0g

This Daft Punk cuff link was cast as a shell in sterling silver. Total weight of 5.7g

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