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AI Pun Pictures

Back in the day, I made a list of a number of pun pictures I wanted to create. At the time I was working completely without reference so, while a few of the more simple compositions turned out well, I could tell even through my obstinance that several of the concepts were going to turn out garbage. Fast forward to 2023 and the advent of AI image generation, and I'm finally confident that I can tackle these image concepts. While Midjourney doesn't seem to be up to the challenge of depicting a very specific visual pun, DALL-E is much better suited to the task.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

A re-do of my previous attempt, this is a cartoon tv series title card for the show "Duct Tails" which is a play on the 80s children's cartoon "Duck Tales".

A re-do of my previous attempt, it's a wooden table holding the five classical elements of earth, water, air, fire, and aether. The pun is that this is a "table of the elements" from before the periodic table of chemical elements.

A re-do of my previous attempt, which, unlike the others, I actually think my version is better! It's a play on the "In-N-Out" fast food burger franchise. For the first attempt, the AI took it a bit too literally.

So I had the AI re-do it, which turned out a bit better, but lost a lot of the In-N-Out aesthetic.

Nuclear sheep: steel wool, because where else would steel wool come from?

A Castle on the Rocks. For bonus pun power, it's a Scottish castle, and scotch whiskey.

AI Generated Puns and Pictures

So, those were all old ideas from over 20 years ago. Once I was done, I had the AI come up with its own visual puns, and then visualize them. Here's what it came up with. Both the text and the images below were 100% generated by ChatGPT

Here's the visual representation of the pun "Time Flies." The scene features cartoonish flies adorned with tiny wristwatches and aviator goggles, playfully buzzing around an antique grandfather clock in a cozy, vintage room. The blend of literal and metaphorical interpretations of the phrase "time flies" adds a playful and surreal touch to the image.

Here's the visual pun "Eye Scream," featuring a colorful ice cream cone with giant, cartoon-style eyes as scoops, each with a different expression. Set in a whimsical ice cream parlor, the image playfully captures the pun between "ice cream" and "I scream."

Here's a visual pun "Ear-Plane," showcasing a vast plain composed of various animal ears with airplanes, some creatively designed with pointed animal ears like a cat ear for the body of a delta-wing military airplane, landing and taking off.

Here's the visual pun "Knight Light," depicted in the style of "Goodnight Moon." The scene features a small knight made entirely out of light bulbs, standing in a cozy, darkened children's room. The knight, with his fluorescent tube sword stuck in an electrical socket, illuminates the room, creating a warm and comforting glow. The whimsical setting, complete with a small bed, toys, and a night sky visible through the window, adds to the imaginative nature of the scene.

Here's the visual pun "Breadwinner," depicting a whimsical footrace with various types of bread, all equipped with tiny running shoes and racing towards a finish line marked by a toaster. The setting is an outdoor track field, and the breads are animated with expressive faces, adding to the playful and absurd nature of the scene. The image humorously blends the literal and metaphorical meanings of "breadwinner."

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