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Overwatch Motorcycles

Years ago I thought it would be a good art excercise to do designs of all the Overwatch heroes as motorcycles. Turns out I'm not that skilled as a designer, so I had Midjourney do it for me instead.
I'd like to turn them all into 3D models at some point, but for now it's just reference concept art.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that. All prompts used with the Midjourney AI model.

Overwatch Heroes as Motorcycles


I tried this second pass at Bastion, shooting for more flat faces like the mech, but all I ended up with was flat lighting. Still though, the designs are pretty good. If I ever 3D model these, I'm going to rely pretty heavily on the Bastion character reference art for style.


I specified no people, faces, or riders in the prompt, but D.VA driving a machine was apparently too strong of an influence.




Lúcio... do you... is there a torso-shaped fuel tank on your motorcycle? That's weird man.


I took a second shot at McCree, and I think these turned out much better.

Mei. Again, the impulse to put a rider on the bike was too strong for the AI.


I don't know who that girl riding the motorcycle is, but it's clearly not Mercy. Or, maybe it's Mercy when she was younger? In that case, is she riding herself?



Reaper's motorcycle would clearly be more edgy, and I think we got there with this second pass.


I'm not sure these designs accurately represent Reinhardt, but I'm limiting myself to two attempts per character or I'd never finish.


Soldier 76 already looks so much like a dirt-bike racer, it would be rude to not show him riding his own themed motorcycle.

Okay, that rider does look a lot like Symmetra, but the gear she is wearing is not at all road-safe.

Is that some alternate universe Speed Racer riding the Torbjörn bike?


Honestly, I like the first pass at Tracer better.



Winstons bike didn't come out quite right either, but as mentioned above, I'm cutting myself off at two versions.



Of all the bikes, I'm pretty sure this second set of Zenyatta is the worst. I mean, one of them isn't even a motorcycle at all! Oh well. I think I have enough to work with here.

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