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I've been interested in computer games for a long time. Although I'd like to get into professional development, right now I'm mostly an amateur.


I did a bit of work on Minecraft, so I made a photojournal about it. I've also written some scripts for editing Minecraft worlds.

My Games

The very first "game" I made available online is the Mushroom Game. It's a exploration game in the vein of Myst, but without the interactive elements. Really, it is hardly a game at all. I also have a few games released on Itch.IO and Steam.

I also have a gaming blog. Mostly talking about computer game theory and the dream game I'd love to make some day. Here are a few more words on Fledgeling Game, and a design document for good measure.

Great Games

These are a few of my favorite games of all time. I'm no expert, but these are fantastic!

Kerbal Space Program: Cartoonish Apollo-era space program with real orbital mechanics.

Space Chem: This is a game for people who love to design. Also, it should be in every school. Seriously, its just that good!

Minecraft: An open world to build and explore. Also for people who love to build things.

Cortex Command: A mutable 2d shooter platformer pixel physics mad-house. Great times in multiplayer.

Star Control 2, "The Ur-Quan Masters": Something about this game, it just fits. Lots of quirky gameplay from an age of bold computer games.

Commander Keen: This was the first computer game I really loved. It will always have a special place in my heart.

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