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Pumpkin of Doom!

Or, at least, of mild import and ancillary peril.


In the spirit of the fishtank project, Here is another interesting photo journal. Today, the flaming pumpkin. I think this was from halloween 2004, but who can be bothered to remember these things?


Twas all hallow's eve, and I was carving a pumpkin. This pumpkin had been generously donated for my whittling pleasure by the right noble gentleman Barbour. I borrowed Scott's knives and in a bit under two hours had finished up this little pumpkin.


You may notice that there is saran wrap protruding out of the crack in the top of the pumpkin. That is because the next thing we did (at just a little before midnight) was to make a run to wallmart and buy a lighter and a bottle of 91% isopropyl alchohol. The saranwrap kept the alcohol from spilling all over the ground. Ever wonder what a pumpkin half full of burning alchohol looks like?


Now You Know

So, I carved a pumpkin, and then lit it on fire. A cheery little passtime for a cheery halloween. The next year I carved another pumpkin but didn't manage to light it on fire.

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