I was reading "How I Learned" to my family one evening, when I thought to myself "Maybe other people would want to hear this book instead of read it!" Thus, I have recorded my readings for all to enjoy. These were made in my living room, so there's babies crying, groceries, cooking, and occasional Korean soap operas going on in the background.

What's the deal with this book? Well, It's a mid-life autobiography, focusing on education. Here is a link to where you can buy it, How I Learned, by Shamus Young, while the original blog series is free for all to read. I have obtained permission to make these recordings, but as far as I know the contents are still under copyright, so contact Shamus if you want to do anything with these other than listen to them.

"How I Learned" by Shamus Young:

Readings by Chapter

00 Preface

01 James Young

02 So I've Been Told

03 Preschool

04 Welcome to Kindergarten

05 I Hate Paperwork

06 Flower Child

07 Happy Halloween

08 The Dark Year

09 Welcome to the Neighborhood

10 Neighbor John

11 Therapy

12 Meet the Sitters

13 Roller Rinks and Jesus

14 The Reboot

15 The Secret of Atlantis

16 First!

17 Christmas Envy


19 Art and the Computer

20 The Tallest Blade of Grass

21 Drills

22 Four Dollars

23 Intermediate

24 Homework

25 UFOs and Moldova

26 Vo-Tech

27 Mr. C

28 The Beginning of the End

29 Girlfriend

30 A Hotel Sized Prank

31 Lessons Learned

32 VICA Regionals

33 The Final

34 Headache

35 Summer School

36 ICM

37 Flipping Burgers

38 Another Day at McDonald's

39 Meet Cute

40 The Systems Analyst

41 The Rut

42 Big Iron

43 Easy Come, Uneasy Go

44 Press Release

45 The Problem Solver

46 A Word on Education

47 About the Author

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