Minecraft Scripts by Dudecon

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MCEdit Filters

These are extra wrapper modules to make the above scripts work as filters in MCEdit by Codewarrior. You must copy the script ("Forester.py" for example) as well as the wrapper (MCEditForester.py for example) and the interface file ("mcInterface.py") into the "MCEdit\filters" folder. The filter should show up automatically inside MCEdit. Be sure that all three files are present for each script (NOTE: the mcInterface.py that comes bundled with MCEdit is not up to date! Download the latest version to get things to work properly. (the Forester filter isn't up to date either, download the latest one below)).
The selection box is absolutely respected, so be sure to select a large enough area for the script to do its work.

mcInterface the interface module, you need this for all of the scripts 2013-09-03

Forester makes epic trees. 2013-09-03
Forester filter wrapper. It adds GUI support to MCEdit for the Forester script. 5/19/2011
Forester instructions, help, discussion thread

WizardMountain makes floating mountains from existing terrain. 11/22/2011
WizardMountain filter wrapper. It adds GUI support to MCEdit for the WizardMountain script. 11/17/2011
WizardMountain instructions, help, discussion thread

LineRail makes powered rail tracks 11/18/2011
LineRail filter wrapper. It adds GUI support to MCEdit for the WizardMountain script. 11/18/2011
LineRail instructions, help, discussion thread

StarStone makes craters and boulders 11/17/2011
StarStone filter wrapper. It adds GUI support to MCEdit for the StarStone script. Big craters may take a very long time to process. 5/20/2011
StarStone instructions, help, discussion thread

StarStone in MCEdit

Minecraft Standalone Scripts

These scripts are written in Python, and add various features to a Minecraft savefile. They behave like an automatic editor, altering the contents of an existing world. They do not change the way that Minecraft behaves in any way, and are not considered a mod.
Originally you could download both the script and the interface module to your "saves" folder. Edit the script to set the options. Run it to edit the save file. See the appropriate forum thread for more details. However, at this point, the only way that these will work out of the box is in MCEdit as the mcInterface.py has not been updated for the latest map format. If you want to replace the interface file or upgrade it to work with the latest map format, let me know. I'd be glad to upload a new version so that these can be used as stand-alone scripts again. As it is they only work on "Beta" save files.

Indev Scripts (outdated)

These only work on .mclevel save files!

Altitude makes levels taller or shorter 5/13/2010

Groundwork makes city infrastructure 4/12/2010

coral, a test script that makes coral 4/12/2010

hutman, a test script that makes huts 4/10/2010

MountainFortress makes castles 3/19/2010

MCUnity joins two levels together 3/8/2010

Story and Pictures

I moved the story and screenshots to their own page so you don't have to look at them if you don't want to. Feel free to leave feedback, comments, etc here.
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