The Sledgehammer Technobane

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While home for the summer of 2005, talking with my brothers, I lamented that we (at school) are not allowed to carry weapons around campus. This led to an inquiry into what is classified as a weapon, and it was quickly discovered that sledgehammers are not included in that illicit category. The conclusion was therefore drawn that I should wield a sledgehammer upon my return. Thus it was that I purchased a ten pound sledge hammer at the local Tractor Supply Company, but what good is a weapon if it is not EPIC?
Thus, I have endeavoured to convert a normal hammer into a work of craftsmanship.

This is still a work in progress. I am planning on binding the handle in steel near the head for more strength and durability in use. I'll post a notice on the main Peripheral Arbor page as soon as more progress is made.

For the making of the hammer, the translation of the runes, and the meaning of the pictures, see this page.
To find out where the name Technobane came from, see this page.
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